Sizes in mm (length refers to actual amount shaft length you can insert)

Size Tip Shaft Base Length
M 34 47 41 125
XL 38 60 49 165


You may select up to 3 colours for your design. Additionally you can select between 3 options on the colour scheme, Opaque (semi transparent), Pastel and Pearlescent. You may also choose the type of pour; layerd pour, swirls, spiral, spotted or solid(i).

(i) Note: If you intend on having one solid colour, ensure you only select colour 1, colour 2 and three should be none. Additionally from the Pour Type option, select Solid.

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Sensation Adult Toys are vibrant in colour, hand crafted fantasy dildo’s made from the finest food grade, FDA approved Platinum Cure Silicone. Medium to soft hardness, varying between 15 and 20 shore A. We have created a unique velvet feel skin to bring you ultimate pleasure.

As this is a Platinum Cure Silicone product, please ensure to use water based lubricants only. For cleaning you may use unscented soaps and warm water.

Additional information

Size Chart

Extra Large, Medium

Suction Cup

No Suction Cup, With Suction Cup

Colour Type

Opaque, Pastel, Pearlescent

Colour 1

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In the Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In the Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Colour 2

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In The Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In the Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Colour 3

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In The Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In The Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Pour Type

Layers, Solid, Spiral, Swirls

4 reviews for Whitford

  1. PixyNyx

    With the Whitford (XL) I found a toy I would say is not for the faint of heart. In this toy I found girth and length.
    If you aren’t used to toys of a more substantial size, take your time with this one. While I wouldn’t recommend you start out with this toy if you’re new to stretching yourself a bit, if you do, lube, lube and more lube.
    If you’re someone who already knows what they can handle, well then here’s a toy that will stretch you, has a good stable base and feels good to use.
    I found using the Whitford easiest with the base on a flat surface and easing myself onto it. The rings on it provided me with a nice variation in what I was feeling as I used this toy while allowing me to keep a steady rhythm.
    It is definitely a good follow up toy if you started the night out with something smaller and like me you might want something bigger to get over the finish line. I found this toy worked best for me if I wanted to a night of stretching, something I could end up going rough with and when I wanted to treat myself when it came to the big finish.
    The angle of the toy helped reach some of the spots I normally can’t get to properly when I try out a larger toy, so for a change I had the size, I had the sensation of something that wasn’t just a smooth base and I had something that reached all those hard to reach spots while using it.
    Be patient with this one, patience here can lead to a rewarding experience.

    A review by Nix (Official Product Tester)

  2. kittytheface

    I got myself a custom, blue-coloured Whitford in size medium. It looks a little intimidating at first because of the bumps and thicker centre, but once you use it for the first time, you begin to understand that these are part of a genius design to get you to climax. I use the toy backwards to reach my g-spot, the thicker part pushes on it perfectly from any angle. The bumps/waves in the toy are the real heroes, as they massage where you need them to perfectly. The suction cup is strong and didn’t budge no matter how wild it got. I recommend this toy for use on yourself or with a strap-on as it easily fits perfectly into my standard/entry-level harness (5cm). Tens across the board from me.

    KittytheFace – Official Product Tester

  3. Lexi Snow

    Whitford 🥵😍
    All of the ribs = all of the pleasure!!
    I’ll admit I was a little hesitant… he seemed a tad bit “exotic” compared to what I’m used to!
    But oh my!!! All of those ribs found all of the spots and kept me… coming back for more.

    Lexi Snow (Official Tester)

  4. Kerii_xx

    The Whitford… it’s got the girth and length you need!! It’s the perfect size (medium) to start with if you’re into stretching, definitely a follow up toy if you’re starting out. I really liked the design and the sensation of the rings while in use, it felt different (good different) to my usual toys.
    The suction cup worked perfectly, it didn’t shift/move out of place.

    Kerii_xx (Official Product Tester)
    Kerii_xx Only Fans Page

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