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Sizes in mm

Size Tip Shaft Base Length
M 15 25 46 200
L 22 41 63 240


You may select up to 3 colours for your design. Additionally you can select between 3 options on the colour scheme, Opaque (semi transparent), Pastel and Pearlescent. You may also choose the type of pour; layerd pour, swirls, spiral, spotted or solid(i).

(i) Note: If you intend on having one solid colour, ensure you only select colour 1, colour 2 and three should be none. Additionally from the Pour Type option, select Solid.

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Sensation Adult Toys are vibrant in colour, hand crafted fantasy dildo’s made from the finest food grade, FDA approved Platinum Cure Silicone. Medium to soft hardness, varying between 15 and 20 shore A. We have created a unique velvet feel skin to bring you ultimate pleasure.

As this is a Platinum Cure Silicone product, please ensure to use water based lubricants only. For cleaning you may use unscented soaps and warm water.

Additional information

Size Chart

Large, Medium

Suction Cup

No Suction Cup, With Suction Cup

Colour Type

Opaque, Pastel, Pearlescent

Colour 1

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In the Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In the Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Colour 2

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In The Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In the Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Colour 3

Black, Blue, Clear (natural – is opaque), Glow In The Dark Blue, Glow In The Dark Green, Glow In The Dark Yellow, Green, Magenta, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Pour Type

Layers, Solid, Spiral, Swirls

6 reviews for Quiggley

  1. PixyNyx

    Look if you’re into tentacles, you’re into tentacles. I am and what a treat the Quiggley has been.
    This toy came with a sense of adventure when I used it the first time. Firstly there is the appearance, with suckers on the one side and subtle ribs on the other side; I knew even before I used it this was going to be a fun time.
    Then came the added extra, I didn’t expect it, but what a good surprise. Using it made a sound that transported me into a whole new world. Working it with my body I was reminded of the feel and the sound of suction cups squelching and I could hear my own wetness as I experimented with it. It added to the adventurous atmosphere I felt with this toy.
    It has flexibility to it that followed my form with ease while still maintaining a good firmness to it. The feel of the suction cups was a whole new experience for me, which I can only best describe as the most intense pleasure I have felt in a long time. Add to that the ribs on the other side and I had a toy that was touching all the right places at the same time.
    Another unexpected pleasure I discovered was the tip worked amazingly well as a way to massage my clitoris.
    With how flexible this toy is, I found you can use it with a partner and wow what an experience, or even with a second toy. The Quiggley follows the shape and maintains that firmness.
    If you’re someone that struggles with enough wetness, well this toy helped me bring more of it to the front.
    If you want to writhe around with this toy, it allows you to do so with ease. I know I’m not looking back, this tentacle has a place in my favourites now, and I can’t help but go back to it.

    A review by Nix (Official Product Tester)

  2. nadenehorn43

    This is definitely one of the best feelings I ever experienced, as the detailed tentacles on this one definitely scratch there when you have an itch. This dildo is great for hitting the g-spot. definitely giving an orgasm a whole new level of satisfaction

    Nadene – (Official Product Tester)

  3. Lexi Snow

    My little octopus friend!! This guy reaches deep into your soul 😉 the suction cup details and ridges give amazing sensation.

    Lexi Snow (Official Tester)

  4. Queen Alexandra (verified owner)

    Okay so I was one of the types who believed I could only cum from clitoral stimulation… Until Quiggley 🥰

    I only discovered it on my 4th try and was shocked. I tried again, thinking maybe my clit was getting pulled or rubbing against a suction cup and paid closer attention only to realise that no… The suction cups hitting my gspot is what did it. What an experience 😍

    I’ve always loved tentacles in hentai so it had the added bonus of dreaming up fantasies while using it. The creator really let’s you have so much choice on colour and style, and it was shipped so quickly, amazing experience!!

    • admin

      Thank you for an awesome review, we are very pleased that you are happy with your choice, super stoked that you enjoyed it so much!

  5. kittytheface

    The Quiggley is such a sensual toy, it’s long, thin, and full of amazing “suction cups”. The thin design makes it easy to use and bend to your will, the length guarantees pleasure, and the suction cups make the most incredible noise while you’re using it, adding to the pleasure. I love my Quiggley!

    KittytheFace – Official Product Tester

  6. yvonnepret (verified owner)

    all i can say is OMG!!!
    Quiggley gave me the best feeling any other toy ever gave me!!!
    This is realy a perfect gspot go getter!!!
    Dont just take my word for it and go get one for yourself… You and your pussy wont regret it🤤🤤🤤

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